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Safe2O RTE 01 For frankfurters, beef jerky, sausage products, deli meats, roast chicken, pre-packaged fruits, vegetables and salads, and other RTE products.
Safe2O RTE 03 For comminuted ham products, whole hams, boneless ham, diced ham, prosciutto, frankfurters, sausage products, and other RTE products.
Safe2O ACS 100 Acidulant for food, animal food, and future uses.
Safe2O ACS 50 Acidulant for food, animal food, and future uses.
   Fruit and Vegetable processing water acidulant
 FreshFlo Animal drinking water acidulant, fit for human consumption.
Acid Activator for Chlorine Dioxide.


Processing water acidulant for slaughter applications.
Vitoxal Shrimp Feed Additive
Antimold for Wallboard Paper
Antimold for Wallboard Gypsum Core

Mionix is committed to innovation. Our research scientists and staff are constantly improving and developing new, value-added technology to address the expanding needs of our customers. Being affiliated with Mionix gives our customers access to the latest technological developments.




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