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Mionix Privacy Policy

Like you, we at Mionix are concerned about customer privacy. We have a long history of maintaining the privacy of information we obtain in the normal course of providing our products and services. While we are working hard to serve you in new and exciting ways, our commitment to maintaining your privacy remains as strong as ever.

The Information We Obtain and How We Use It
The information we obtain from you is generally necessary for us to provide our products and services and to design new products and services for your future use. For example, we need to know your name, address and the products and services you buy from us to properly provide and bill for those products and services. When you call us, our representatives pull up your records and may refer to your bill, your calling patterns, and other information we have to answer questions you may have or to recommend how we can best serve you.

We may also use information in our records to protect our customers, employees or property - for instance, to investigate fraud, harassment or other types of unlawful service activities involving Mionix or other carriers that we do business with. In some cases, it may be necessary to provide this information to the government or third parties who make a lawful demand for it.

We share information within our corporate departments to enable us to better understand our customers' product and service needs, and to learn how to best design, develop, and package products and services to best meet those needs. Like any large business, we may structure our company to include a number of smaller companies.

Accuracy of the Information We Hold
We want to make sure the information we obtain and use about customers is accurate. To that end, we strive to verify that our customer records are correct.

Security and Accountability
We have information systems that collect and store customer information in addition to systems that store our own business records. These systems have different types of security as appropriate for the information stored. Mionix requires employees to keep customer information confidential and we hold them accountable for their actions.

Disclosure of Information Outside Mionix
As a general rule, without your permission, Mionix does not release confidential customer information to unaffiliated third parties unless we have a business relationship with those companies where the disclosure is appropriate. For example, we may hire outside companies as contractors or agents; or we might be engaged in a joint venture or partnership with a company. We provide information to these other companies only as needed to accomplish our business objectives and the companies are bound by requirements to keep Mionix customers' information confidential.

There are exceptions to the general rule. For example, we might provide information to regulatory or administrative agencies so that they can accomplish their regulatory tasks (for example, responding to a customer complaint) or to maximize the efficiencies of our own processes (such as getting mailing addresses correct, for example). Other disclosures will be driven by legal requirements imposed on Mionix. Mionix complies with "legal process," such as a subpoena or court order or other similar demand, associated with either criminal or civil proceedings; and, if not prohibited by the legal document, we will advise you of the demand.

E-Mail Communications
Mionix, or those with whom Mionix has a business relationship, will use email to communicate with our customers, respond to visitors' emails, or to inform others about events or new products. Mionix will not send commercial solicitation via email to individuals who request it not be sent.

REVISED February 26, 2001


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