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Fruit and Vegetable processing water acidulant

WHAT IS FreshpHix?

  • Fruit and Vegetable processing/cleaning water acidulant.
  • For use in all wash phases where chlorinated water is utilized.
  • Effective in all water temperatures.
  • No fumes or odors.
  • Highly concentrated so the dilution ration is very high. Economical to use.
  • Self-adjusting system to maintain ph / ORP.

    Why should I use
    FreshpHix in my plant?

The key to effective chlorine use is to keep it in the form of HOCl (hypochlorous acid). This is accomplished by controlling the pH of the water. Managing pH and effectively utilizing the chlorine can be accomplished cost-effectively throught the use of FreshpHix*.

*Amount of FreshpHix required to adjust water pH may vary by
location depending upon water quality (pH and dissolved
chemicals such as minerals, bicarbonates, etc.)

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