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Mionix Corporation - Applied Innovations Making A Difference Now....and Tomorrow!

Mionix Corporation is a diversified, award-winning, platform based biotechnology company. Mionix is dedicated to creating innovative and proprietary technology, products, and solutions for such diverse industries as food safety, facilities sanitation, agribusiness, and building materials to enhance the quality of life worldwide.

Mionix's patented technology -- a multi-industry and multi-application platform called acidic calcium sulfate (ACS) also known as acidified calcium sulfate -- is the foundation for a family of FDA and USDA approved formulations of Safe2OŽ brand products. ACS enables Mionix products to effectively inhibit microbial growth and substantially reduce pathogen contamination levels, thus making Mionix a leader in food safety.

Mionix agribusiness line of value added products are focused on providing food animal growers with products that help reduce and control bacterial contaminates. Our products include FreshFlo, our premium animal drinking water acidulant, and pHixr, our market leading poultry processing water acidulant.

Mionix's VitoxalŽ is a line of environmentally friendly aquaculture products that add to sustainable aquaculture practices. Vitoxal products are all-natural shrimp and fish feed additives which help: lower morality rates, increase yield/ bio-mass, and promote all-natural sustainable organic principles.

Mionix building material applications are focused on providing builders with a variety of anti-mold treatments for building materials. Mionix first application is Mycotek. Mycotek is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved paperboard treatment for use as an fungicide that prevents mold growth.




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